Portland Lindy Exchange 2008 - March 7,8 and 9th - Evrim Icoz Photography

Thanks to all the organizers! What a great time!
You are welcome to click on an image to see the larger version. You should be able to get a 4x6 from these.Please do not remove my name from the photos as a courtesy, and if you use it on a personal website like myspace etc. please be kind to link to my website, www.evrimgallery.com otherwise please do not use.
If you want to use this on a commercial website or in print etc.(like dance teachers, dance announcements etc), please contact me and we'll figure out a way. I am reasonable! Please support my efforts to document the dance scene by recommending me to your friends - check out my blog and website and forward it to your friends if they need a portrait, dance, wedding, or baby photographer! All photos Evrim Icoz and registered with copyright office.